Saturday, February 24, 2007

That Bryan Ferry

Hey did you see Bryan Ferry on BBC last night?

It just came on as I was sitting in a hotel doing serious work. The first couple of songs were a bit hmmm, but he picked up considerably. Brilliant really. Hats off etc.

Oh I remember the Roxy Music Days. Many City Hall Gigs, and the lyrics..(possibly misheard, I am the queen of the misheard lyric)
'inflatable baby, disposable darling'
'rhododendron is a nice flower'


but obviously not as great as Arthur Lee:
'...and in Manhattan I'll be walking down broadway with you'
'Here we are, our hands are all untied. We'd rather walk than ride'

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gallowgate Culture

I've been sorting out images from my phone, getting them put with the right blog bits. Here are 2 spares that tell us about the rich cultural tapestry that is around Gallowgate.

the Chinese Irish centre and as we hip-hoppers would say...

next time I'll crop them properly.

The Morden Tower

Where the poets in the Tower were (may still be).

Last time I was out and about in Gallowgate, they'd been knocking buildings down and hey! you can see the Tower as never before in many a year. It's great to see the city walls like that. I suppose if they hadn't been hidden away from the elements for years there wouldn't be so much to see.