Monday, July 10, 2006

Fish and Chips a’ gogo

OK this happened in the North West, but it’s the same Geordies involved.

When my bruv turned up at UMIST where I was cheerfully working on my desmond we shared house with various others, and a mini car. On our way home from the union one night, we decided to get some Fish and Chips in Moss Side. I was driving, so I parked outside while Bruv and that Ronnie went into the shop.
“Drive!!” they yelled as they bundled back into the back of the mini. I drove then asked why.

This is how to do a raid on a fish and chip shop. First ask for the order you want, in this case Fish and Chips 4 times, then when the assistant has stacked the newspaper wrapped delicacies on the counter , look at the shelf behind him/her and ask for something from it. In this case ‘and a saveloy’. Then when she turns round, leg it into the car where your dumb sister the getaway driver is waiting.

They tasted brilliant.


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